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An Umbrella policy is an affordable way to protect your finances from a catastrophic claim against you. As a result, if a claim exceeds your policy limits, the Umbrella provides additional liability coverage to help protect your financial future.

What Does a
Umbrella Policy Provide?

For starters, an Umbrella policy provides additional liability protection for a claim. It’s important to know that your auto and homeowners policy have liability coverage, however, some claims may exceed those liability limits. When such an event occurs, such as personal injury, property damage, defamation of character, libel or slander, the Umbrella policy provides  additional limits on top of your base policy (increments of one million).

    Why Do You Need An Umbrella Policy?

    While driving, you get distracted and cause an accident, resulting in multiple injuries to the passengers in the other vehicle. Unfortunately, the passengers are hurt bad and you are later sued for personal injury damages. Moreover, the damages far exceed your auto policy limits and you are responsible for the difference out-of-pocket.


    You accidentally leave a candle lit and it causes a fire. However, the fire spreads quickly and destroys your home and damages your neighbor’s home and property. As a result, you may now be responsible for paying for repairs to your neighbors dwelling and any personal injury claims that exceed your homeowners policy underlying limits.

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