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The Total Protection Insurance has been serving the Colorado communities by helping our customers understand their insurance needs. By helping our customers understand coverage they can make informed decisions about the level of coverage they need. As a result, we partner them with the insurance provider that fits them the best. In addition, we have many insurance partners, but they all have different appetites and experiences. Because of their experience, each provider has a different price for the same coverage. Moreover, we have a large network of insurance providers that provide our customers more options to get the coverage they need for the best price.

We Make It Easy

The days of driving to an insurance office are over. We use technology to make buying insurance easier than ever before. Technology allows us to shop your rate within a network of insurance providers to get you a great deal on your coverage. It also allows you to start an insurance policy without ever leaving your home.

While our Sales Team helps you get started, our Service Team makes sure all your changes and future needs are addressed promptly. The days of waiting for your agent to make a change on your policy are over! Every member of our Service Team is fully licensed and ready to help you.

We Are A Local Insurance Agency Ready to Help

You don’t have to look far to find us. Our corporate office is based out of Denver, Colorado. We pride ourselves on servicing our surrounding area as well as the far reaches of Colorado. As a locally based company, we know the risks specific to Colorado and we know how to protect you against them. From hailstorms to car accidents, we’ve seen it all and we’re with you every step of the way.

Talk to a Total Protection Insurance agent today.

Working with the Total Protection Insurance can make a big difference for you. We believe that you should review your insurance every year. When you get a quote with the Total Protection Insurance two things will happen: We will save you money or we will confirm that you have a competitive rate.

However, you won’t know if you don’t call, so we would appreciate the opportunity to help you. Even if its just to answer questions for you.

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